The composite materials (carbon fiber)

The term "composite" considers materials obtained by the chemical / physical union of two or more different components, which maintain their properties in the final product. The objective of these unions is the obtaining of a single element (not existing in nature) with remarkable technical characteristics.

carbon fiber

Starting from the world of aviation, composite materials consisting of fibers bound together by special resins, have established themselves for their extremely high lightness and resistance (temperature, shock, pressure, etc.) so as to be used in all those areas where the balance of forces in favor of the best performance (motorcycling and motoring in the head) are needed

The composite fibers available today are hundreds and are distinguished according to the type of fiber used, the weaving, the resins used, the bonding technique, and so on, and there are many elements pre-formed that companies specialized produce in the form of sheets, tubes, rods and profiles of various kinds. The technical and mechanical characteristics of composite products are a result of careful drafting of fibers simple or tissue for which it is essential to choose the most suitable and direct the plots weft / warp.

To create an object using composite materials, it is therefore necessary to analyze in advance what will be its points of greatest stress and/or load and what might be the directions in which these will intervene. This will allow to choose the best raw material to be used according to the type of fibers (long / short, two-way / one-way), their texture, size and orientation. Only the skill and experience of the producer is able to find the right balance and the result to be obtained.

In music, and in particular on wind instruments, the use of composite materials is rare. The complexity of the search for the best fiber, the construction of special molds and finding the best shape it has curbed the use. Synfotech managed with careful experimentation lasted many months, to find the right combination to get a surprising result, never achieved before.



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